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20x10inch DREAMERS screen print on vintage wallpaper

20x10inch DREAMERS screen print on vintage wallpaper

  • Limited Edition 20x10 inch  'The land of the DREAMERS' screen print on original vintage 60's/70's wallpaper
  • Each prints is original.
  •  3 colour  screen print.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Each print is unique therefore pattern placement will vary (see various images).

    These are all screen prints on original 60's/70's/80's wallpaper.
    There is only a limited run of each colourway.
    Because these are all original artworks the placement of the patterns does vary in each print.


    Customer happiness is of great impotance at Wonderfully Wonderful so if for any reason you are unhappy in any way with your product please email me your concerns so we can resolve the issue. 


    All items that are currently in stock will be dispatched within 48 hours of ordering.